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Real Treat: Top Shelf Organic Cookies

Real Treat: Top Shelf Organic Cookies

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The Ginger Cookie

What Holiday Season would be complete without it? Growing up, two plates were left on the hearth for Santa… One with a healthy helping of carrots for the reindeer, and another with carefully arranged ginger cookies, accompanied by the obligatory glass of milk, and a beer. (What, just my house?) The best are crunchy, spicy, deeply flavoured with blackstrap molasses, and zipping with spicy ginger. At Real Treat we’ve added some morsels of candied ginger for a bit of extra magic.

Ingredients: wheat flour*, sugars (cane sugar*, molasses*), butter*, eggs*, crystallized ginger*, spices*, baking soda (aluminum-free), salt. [ *: Organic ]

Contains: butter, wheat / May Contain: eggs, pecans, almonds

Double Dark Chocolate with a Twist

Chocolate can at once comfort and excite the palate. Really good chocolate should make you feel like you are hiding a dirty secret while dressed in your finest. These cookies do that while turning up the stereo with the addition of house-candied lemon peel.

Ingredients: wheat flour*, sugars* (cane sugar*, molasses*), butter*, chocolate* (cacao liquor*, cane sugar*, cacao butter*, cacao powder*, vanilla extract*), cocoa*, lemon peel*, vanilla*, baking soda (aluminum-free), salt. [ *: Organic ]

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