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Misiyo Candle Co

Misiyo Candle Co

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FEEL GOOD + DO GOOD // We create luxe, cozy and amazing-smelling candles. Every candle FEELS GOOD because it's made with Canadian beeswax, pure coconut wax, clean-burning fragrances + essential oils. Every candle DOES GOOD because it gives back by providing 1-3 months of health insurance to someone in need in Rwanda, based on the candle size sold. We’re partnered directly with a Rwandan non-profit and believe the things we enjoy can do some good in the world too! We seek to bring a feeling of relaxation, coziness and refreshing with every candle. We believe the beauty of a flame and the joy of nostalgic fragrance grounds us in the moments and memories that make up our lives. We choose to spread light and love by making products that positively impact the world, both through the ingredients + materials they're made from and their social impact. Our scents are made to complement a space without overpowering it, inspired by both the outdoor adventures and ordinary moments we enjoy. Misiyo (sounds like missy-o) means 'mission' and we hope you'll join us in this mission of feeling good and doing good!

Amber + Lace

SANDALWOOD · VANILLA MUSK · ROSE A scent that oozes luxury and romance, with the power to transform your space into a cozy, captivating haven. Immerse yourself in exotic, woodsy undertones of sandalwood, powdery top notes of vanilla musk, and hints of delicate rose to create a moment of beauty in your day. Inspired by those cherished moments that make your heart beat faster, this one just might sweep you off your feet.

Forest Retreat

TEAKWOOD · VETIVER MUSK · EUCALYPTUS Be whisked away to a peaceful bamboo forest with this lightly woodsy scent, enhanced with notes of musk and spice. Warm teakwood, grounding vetiver musk, and refreshing eucalyptus will fill your space with a needed sense of balance and zen. It's like invigorating masculine cologne meets soothing woodland ambience, offering you the perfect balance of revitalization and tranquility.


LAVENDER · PEPPERMINT LEAF · CEDARWOOD Your escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, this all-natural scent smells like the spa day of your dreams. Lavender essential oil melts away tension and promotes relaxation, while crisp peppermint uplifts your mood, and the earthy warmth of cedarwood helps you feel grounded and at peace. Whether you're seeking a moment of self-care, looking to unwind after a long day, or simply want a peaceful home, this best-seller is the perfect companion.

Vanilla + Ginger

VANILLA CREAM · GINGER TEA · HONEY A comforting combination of sweet vanilla cream, freshly brewed ginger tea, and a touch of honey. This enchanting aroma feels comforting and cozy, like a soft blanket or soothing embrace. Inspired by heartwarming occasions where family and friends gather, it’s a lovely companion to your everyday life, reminding you to celebrate the little joys to be found in each day.

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