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Make Nice Company - Dishsoap Bottle Alternative System

Make Nice Company - Dishsoap Bottle Alternative System

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Replace those plastic bottles of dish soap with an eco-friendly alternative!

Citrus Solid Dish Soap

A classic citrus scent with notes of lemon, blood orange and bergamot created with essential oils. Our Solid Dish Soap is a perfect zero waste option that cuts grease while staying gentle on your hands. This powerhouse cleaner can even take stains out for your clothes or spot clean your carpet.

Each Solid Dish Soap cube replaces up to 3 bottles of liquid soap - ditch the plastic! 

To use: Create suds by rubbing the Solid Dish Soap with a brush or loofah. Store soap in the Soap Tray to keep dry.

Scrubber Brush

Small, powerful and 100% biodegradable! Perfect for scrubbing dishes but soft enough to not scratch your favourite plate. Brushes bristles are made of tampico (from the agave plant) and the base is made of beechwood.

Each brush head lasts about 2-3 months with daily use and good care.

Tip: Do not leave any wooden parts soaking in water as the the wood will absorb water and swell, causing cracks. Hang or place upright to dry after using. How to dispose: Once worn out, the brush can be composted.

Soap Tray

A stylish way to keep your soap and counter dry while doing your part for the environment. 

Extend the life of your Solid Dish Soap with ample drainage. The drip tray catches any water runoff without a mess on your countertop. Made with biodegradable plant-based materials, formed by using fermented starches like sugar cane and corn. Designed and 3D printed in Canada.

Tip: Clean tray with cool water. Do not submerge in hot water to avoid warping.

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