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Littler Sister Coffee

Littler Sister Coffee

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Golden Child Espresso

Admit it: sometimes you have to play favourites. There’s that sharp citrus giving away to a bold mouthfeel and candy finish again - Golden Child hasn’t let you down yet.  You can keep it to yourself if you want... we know.

Golden Child is comprised of coffee from the relatively new washing station Mulish - which has nonetheless already developed a reputation for its excellent coffees. The station has led to a rapid development of coffee farms in the area, and a sister washing station to meet the increasing demand. We love this coffee as espresso; complex and effervescent on the palate, but easy to work with and dial in.


There’s a reason it’s hard to put it into words.  It doesn’t ask too much of us, and yet, if you close your eyes for a second you can just feel the complexity.  A few light notes at the top, but kind of bass-y too, and what a finale! Give it up for the instrumental - right on cue.

(Instrumental) currently features a long time favourite coffee of ours - El Meridiano - which comes to us from the 58 members of the Association of Specialty Coffee Growers of Alto Saldana. Their unique location allows for harvesting almost year round -  which means they are consistently producing approachable balanced coffees like this one. A perfect choice for a clean, sweet and full cup of filter coffee. 

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