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Founded by a crew of food and wellness-loving women in Montreal, Kanel makes perfectly balanced salts and spice blends from real, premium ingredients. Using exciting flavours from around the world, our all-natural blends are free of preservatives, fillers, hidden allergens, and artificial flavourings. With Kanel in your pantry, home cooking is easier, faster – and more delicious than ever.


Summer Black Truffle Salt (50g): Rich, earthy and seductive, our Italian black truffles are lovingly summer-harvested, then generously blended with premium Italian sea salt for an exquisite taste of luxury. Impress your guests with decadently creamy truffle risotto, or sprinkle over cacio e pepe for a deceptively simple gourmet feast. This truffle salt has no artificial flavours, you’ll find yourself craving its pungent depth of flavour nightly.

Organic Spicy Chili Crunch (95g): Blissfully crisp, unbelievably delish. If you’re looking to add serious oomph to your dishes, our Organic Spicy Chili Crunch is a delicious way to get it done. Infuse this red-hot garlicky mixture in sesame oil, then ladle it over rice bowls, noodle dishes and on top of veggies. Brunch lovers, try frying your eggs in this for a perfectly crunchy and irresistible experience. So good, you might even catch yourself devouring it by the spoonful (no judgement).

Caramelized Coffee Rub (95g): Our Caramelized Coffee Rub is deep, earthy, and smouldering — a winner, winner for your next BBQ dinner. Sizzling ingredients like ancho and Aleppo peppers mingle with earthy coffee and brown sugar that caramelizes to form an irresistibly crunchy and subtly sweet crust on meats and veg. The coffee beans are lovingly roasted by our friends at Moccasin Joe, an indigenous-owned roastery located in Kanehsatake Mohawk Territory. The Moccasin Joe team selected these rich, chocolatey beans from a South American indigenous farmer, adding beautiful depth to this blend.

A Sprinkle of Sunshine (95g): We all dream of having a bountiful, sunny garden packed with fresh herbs and fragrant citrus trees. With zesty lemon, sweet basil, savoury garlic and a hint of paprika, this bright, zippy herb blend is the next best thing. We love sprinkling it over veggies before they go into the oven – especially spring asparagus. And it’s unbeatable as a one-step rub for grilled salmon. For an easy, elegant side dish, try tossing it with new potatoes and a drizzle of olive oil before roasting. The only thing missing? A chilled glass of rosé.

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